Saturday, 10 October 2015

UPDATE 10/10/15

The Twisted Dragon Gaming and Hobbies LTD will be opening the doors Monday 12th October (this year of course [2015]) 9amtil 5pm Monday's to Saturdays.
So, come on down and have a look around.
Too faraway no probs, we have an online store too.

Check us out on eBay [Twisteddragn2015].

For those of you local or coming to visit us for the day, we have tones of stuff in the pipeline for y'all

We're getting some tables and chairs in so you can come and play and Build in store. Try out the new Trading cards, Tabletop games. We're even going to get some models out so you can try your skills on building and painting.
Wizards of the coasts/ Dungeons & Dragons/ Warhammer / Magic: The Gathering and thats to name a few

Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook, Twitter & of course on here.

We have tones of products for you to enjoy so why not take a look-see.

In the meantime, why not tune into our Twitch and YouTube channels and watch us game!

More than likely it will be me (Danni) who will be playing the games, as Dean is more your tabletop, trading card and PC gamer, his broadcasting will take place via there.

I will be setting up on here a review centre (with video & text) where I'll give you my honest opinion of the games I play, helpful tips and walkthroughs.

Once again, our eBay store is up (Twisteddragon15) and will be completed as our stock comes in. Everything you see on our eBay is what we have instore, Aberdare.

Get in contact with us if you are interested in anything or simply buy online. If you cannot find what you like ask us, we may be able to get it and if not we will point you in the direction of where you can.

Check out our Facebook Twitter pages.
Like and Share them too!

Will keep you posted

Managing and DirectorsDanni & Dean

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