Tuesday, 27 October 2015

MAGIC: The Gathering now starting in our store

The tables are in guys! #magicthegathering #casual night starts tomorrow - Wednesday 28th October at 7:30pm. 
Doors are open of course before then so come in any time you like, we'll be here 👍

If you wish to join us, you can do so in these few steps - 
If you haven't already:
Go to the Wizard of the coast website and sign up!.
Get your DCI Number
Come to us at the Twisted Dragon Gaming and Hobbies tomorrow night and give it to us so that we can enter you into our Casual Wednesday Night.

We're inviting everyone who plays and who wants to play. 
A small fee is required after 5:00pm but games start at 7:30pm.

Cards are available here to buy also.

Alternatively if you can't make it tomorrow we're here all week! Come in any time and have a game with us! Build up your deck, skills and experience, come with your friends and let's Magic: The Gathering! 

We also have our MAGIC FRIDAYS! 
Same thing, but one thing's different, you'll be meeting up with people who know and love the game more. 
Magic Fridays are our tournament nights. By all means come along and spectate if you wish, you're more than welcome. 

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