Saturday, 24 October 2015

G.H.L Review

So I had a go of that Guitar Hero Live earlier, since we've got it up and running in shop for customers to play. And I must say it totally gave me a rock shock! My co-ordination is bad haha! 
I'm going to keep trying mind, there's no shame in trying. Hopefully I'll be as good as Dean since he seems to be better at it than I am. We've only tried the 'Casual mode' at the moment because the harder modes just looks redonkulous!! 
We need someone in store to totally show us how it's done.

I'll give the game a 5/5, it's well worth a go and it's totally worth the battles. The music is epic, some awesome tracks on there, tunes you'd love to play for real on guitar too. I'm not a Guitar Hero follower, however, I am enjoying this one. 
We played the xBox One version in store, haven't played it on the Playstation 4 but I should imagine there isn't any real difference tbh. 
So yeah! Go get yourself a copy. You can get it from us also, we have both xBox one and PS4 versions. 

Our Live streaming is normally at night times. But we will upload videos to our Twitch and Youtube channels for y'all to watch previous gaming sessions. 

Look out for the ENC, as we're in league with them.
Their Youtube & Twitch channels are available to watch. We collaborate games with them so you'll see me! (The_Elzi_Scroll_) or (EllieCIDE) or even the shop online ID (Twisted_Dragon_) on their videos too.

Check back soon for more updates on game streaming, videos, reviews and more :)

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